My workshops in the United States and abroad take the tenets of improvisation and translate them into tools for team success in any organization or company. I use the improv cornerstone of “Yes, And” to instill concepts of active listening, supporting fellow team members, creating a collaborative group mind, and other ways to enhance your workplace using an improv mindset. My global workshops are uniquely tailored for organizations and companies operating abroad. Work is different when you’re far from home and my workshops reflect that by embracing the unknown. And they’re fun. We’ll be on our feet, interacting and actively participating in every exercise. It’s a unique change of pace that energizes any team, no matter where in the world they may be.

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As One Workshop: Dynamic 2-hour workshop for team building while having fun. We’ll work as a group, play basic improv games, and use the tenants of improv to enhance team cohesion. Perfect for embassies, businesses, or anyone who wants to give improv a try.

(Experience: Beginner, Language: English)


A Short Form Intensive

Attack the Stage Workshop, a short-form Intensive: In my 12 plus years of doing short form improv shows on tour I’ve discovered that decisive, energetic, and quick decisions have been the key to success on stage. In this workshop we will flex these skills through a variety of short form games, playing like I do on the road, with focus on energy, instinct, and pacing.

(Experience: Intermediate, Language: English)


Global Workshop: 1-hour workshop using unique exercises so everyone can participate. I specifically created this workshop for my international travels so that improv can be accessible and learned by anyone, no matter what language they speak.

(Experience: Beginner, Language: Any)

Misawa, Japan


Taipei, Taiwan